Five Surprising Benefits Provided By Commercial Landscape Management In McLean, VA

When it comes to maintaining your commercial property, you probably have your hands full. There are a number of important steps that must be taken both inside and outside of the building in order to keep this important asset in top condition. Taking good care of the landscaped areas that surround this structure, however, is definitely one of the most important parts of the maintenance process. Following are some of the surprising benefits that you can gain by using professional services for commercial landscape management in McLean, VA.

To start, having a building that is properly landscaped is often vital for ensuring good dust control. If you have yet to implement a formal landscaping plan, the quality of your indoor air is probably less than optimum. Without the right features for holding the topsoil down, dirt, dust and other particulates can become airborne. They can also enter the building via the windows, doors and air conditioning vents among other access points.

Another important reason for implementing and maintaining a solid landscaping plan is the ability to prevent ground flooding. This is not a job that your rooftop drainage system will be able to handle entirely on its own. For most major buildings, there are always a number of in-ground drains that are meant to carry rainwater and other elements away from the foundation of the building structure in order to prevent pooling. If foliage is not regularly pruned and if grassy areas are not routinely cut, these drains can become blocked and melted ice and water can begin to collect.

Poor maintenance in this area of your property can also increase the likelihood of your having to face costly liability issues. Cleaning things up can prevent trip and fall hazards and other accidents. Over time, by maintaining an accident-free landscape, these are efforts that will eventually help you qualify for lower insurance costs.

You definitely want to make sure that the exterior of your property is capable of making the best possible impression on your tenants, prospective tenants, clients, or stakeholders. Keep in mind that your landscaped areas will always be the very first thing that these individuals see upon arriving. As such, it should be perfectly manicured, properly edged, and in good health.

McLean Landscapes can help your property perform well in all of these areas and in many others. The landscape management services we provide can even limit your likelihood of having to deal with troublesome pest infestations. Get in touch with our offices now to learn more about how we can beautify, protect, and enhance your property starting with the natural, outdoor features that surround it.