Services Of A Commercial Landscape Architect In McLean, VA

It’s easy to think of landscaping as a purely-aesthetic feature; an element whose sole purpose is to beautify a space. However, we at McLean Landscapes, Inc see it differently; any landscape worth its salt should serve at least a couple of purposes. Yes, there’s no denying that looks are what drive most property owners to invest heavily in their outdoors. But a good commercial landscape architect in McLean, VA should also make it work for you.

Set the flow: Landscapes can be designed to either keep people moving or encourage them to stay. It goes without saying that the latter’s a top priority for a business owner like yourself — you want a landscape that invites and charms people into spending some time around. We can help you do just that by creating the most appealing outdoor space, of course including some benches/low walls for seating.

Direct traffic: Not everyone knows the ins and outs of your premises. So it’s important that your landscape helps people find their way around, particularly when it comes to entrances. Fortunately, our designers are well-versed in that department. They’ll recommend the right elements to highlight the key points, all while accentuating the architecture of your building.

Create the right atmosphere: Speaking of building, landscaping influences indoor climate to a greater degree than most people realize. The kind of plants that surround your premises (and their placement as well) affect the temperature inside. And if you have an HVAC installed, the landscape determines how much energy is needed for heating/cooling. Of course, you want yours designed in such a way that it contributes to energy savings. We can go further by adding shrubbery that keeps outside noise and air pollutants from getting in.

McLean Landscapes, Inc is an acclaimed design firm that’s been serving clients in Northern Virginia for close to 10 years. You might have come across one of the projects we’ve successfully completed in the past; our work can be seen in hotels, office parks, shopping centers and residential communities. If not, just check out our website for reviews paying testament to our design excellence.

As a full-service firm, we have experts ranging from architects and structural engineers to sustainability specialists in our team. You’ll also be pleased to know that we offer consultations for free — don’t hesitate to get in touch the next time you have landscaping project. You can phone us via 703-476-4255, or just use the form on our site.