Facts About Commercial Landscaping Service In McLean, VA

Landscape design, installation and ongoing maintenance for businesses and or commercial office buildings is a big factor in how the buying public perceives the business or organization. There is suspicion of a building which has unkempt lawns, overgrown shrubbery, and weeds in the flower beds. The fear is that it might reflect negatively on your business. If you are a business owner or property manager who needs a commercial landscaping service in McLean, VA, McLean Landscapes has the trusted team that can accomplish the necessary services.

When it comes to commercial or residential landscapers, McLean Landscapes has the knowledge and experience to design breathtaking expanses of green to showcase the building or other structure. Our firm has a service area which includes McLean, Reston, Sterling, Tysons Corner and Vienna. We take the time to learn the preferences and dreams of the client and translate them into high-end landscape designs.

We perform every part of the project from concept to completion. We are happy to take time to collaborate with our clients in order to achieve perfection. While planning and arranging plants is a crucial part of an attractive landscape, there is another aspect which must be considered. A characteristic of healthy plants is that they grow. If proper planning and design best practices are ignored, plants may grow in a way that they are no longer an attractive and cohesive design. The wrong plants are shaded by overgrowth. Water requirements in a planting may not be evenly distributed. Many critical factors need to be considered when designing a functional and appealing design and with our years of experience we know how to ensure the aesthetic you’re looking for will be maintained for years to come.

Designing and planting in a way that the grounds look great throughout their entire life cycle is a task best handled by the experts at McLean Landscapes. This is accomplished by planning and planting plants that will ‘grow up gracefully’. The maintenance of the surroundings is important to keep the growth looking healthy in relation to other nearby plants.

Regular maintenance tasks include addressing pests and weeds which attack the plants you want to maintain. Diseases of certain types of plants must also be identified and kept in check. Mowing, edging, mulching and similar tasks are part of the maintenance projects. The healthiest possible grass plots which are too long or which encroach on paths or curbs are not attractive. We have upkeep teams who can take care of these and other problems in an efficient manner.

When you’re looking for commercial landscape maintenance in or around Reston, VA, call 703-476-4255 for a free quote!