Understanding The Prime Elements Of Good Landscape Design In Great Falls, VA

Landscape architecture is a comprehensive topic and there are certain elements that make up a good design. To ensure that the outcome of every project is outstanding, the first element we incorporate is lines. They can be diagonal, curved, vertical or horizontal. Lines help to control movements, accentuate objects or give focal points the attention they deserve. If you need a fresh, practical and alluring landscape design in Great Falls VA, you should consult with us.

We can use either actual or perceived lines. We create perceived lines by installing a series of objects, arranged in a manner that makes it appear as though there is a line. The right composition of objects to use highly depends on the preferences of a property owner and the project goals.

Color is another vital element of landscape design. This helps to create a unique visual impact and set the mood of the space. To add color to a yard, we can use foliage or hardscape. In order to achieve an ideal outcome, we intricately weave colors all through the design composition and keep in mind the changes in foliage that may take place across different seasons.

When using plants to add color to a landscape, you must keep in mind what happens during seasonal changes. For instance, some flowers shed their leaves during spring and blossom during the summer. A proper layout will ascertain that these changes will not harm the overall appearance of a yard.

Texture is an element that must not be overlooked. This is the characteristic of various surfaces. Pavements, plants and other features all have a very unique texture and can be classified as coarse, medium or fine. To add an element of interest to your outdoors, we can use contrasting textures. The idea is to create an enriched overall visual quality.

There is more to designing residential or commercial outdoor spaces than merely introducing a careless mixture of plants and hardscapes. If you want safety, convenience and improved aesthetics, you need to hire a skilled landscaper. Our contractors are trained and experienced, and they can help make your outdoors a beautiful extension of your interiors.

There are telling signs that would make it apparent that your yard is outdated and it needs a facelift. We can help you switch up its appearance if it looks unimpressive and no longer portrays your style. You can also count on us to help if it appears outdated and fails to do justice to the overall appearance of your property.