Hire Us As Your Landscape Designer In McLean VA

People take great pride in their real estate properties, whether that piece of property is their own home or a commercial building. Either way, it is a shame to lovingly take care of the building, but forget about the rest of the property. In order to maximize the beauty and sale potential of a property, you really should take care of the grounds and make them look aesthetically pleasing. We here at McLean Landscapes can help you do that. Hire us as your landscape designer in McLean VA and we can bring out the full potential of your property.

If you want to beautify your house, we are here to help. Our trained and experienced landscapers can measure your grounds and sit with you and see what it is you want. After that initial consultation, we can then draw up a design to meet your needs and desires. We will then do all the installation of plants, flowers, trees, garden beds or anything else you desire.

We also can perform regular maintenance on the grounds, including trimming bushes or hedges, fertilizing, mulching, cutting the grass and so much more. In fact, we can make a regular schedule to come as many times as you like each month so that you do not have to remember to make individual appointments.

For commercial properties, our team is experienced in creating a landscaping plan that impresses potential customers and helps draw them into your building. Not only can our team design and install your landscaping, but we can install irrigation systems to help prevent flooding. If you don’t want to have to water all the plants by hand, we are also happy to install sprinklers or other water management systems to save you time and effort.

Again, McLean Landscapes is happy to maintain a regular schedule with you for maintaining your commercial property so that everything always looks neat, trimmed and lively. We can also do maintenance on the sprinklers or irrigation systems that may have been installed.

Because we live in Virginia, where there are wild animals all over the place, we can also install deer fencing around both commercial and residential properties. Deer fencing keeps deer off your property because even though they are cute, they eat plants and can cause havoc on your garden and landscaping. Keep everything new by letting out team install the fencing that also helps keep out potential criminals for your safety.